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Progress… if I can even say that

Hello hello hello!

It’s been so long since I started this. And I’ve lost about 3lbs from my start weight ahha.Ā 

Basically, theres been a couple of family bereavements and it’s thrown me off track a bit and I’m struggling to come to terms with loss. But I’m hopefully back on track! I don’t really eat sweets anymore, or cookies- but my main foe at the moment is bread. Gotta love that toast. Anyway, wish me luck!!!

Start Weight- 80kg

current weight- 78.5kg

goal weight- 60kg

ultimate goal weight- 56kg

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I am a bit of a failure.

In all possible senses. I haven’t lost any weight in fact I’ve actually put it on.

But yesterday all I consumed was coffee, a roll, a crumpet and a fudge.

Today I’m aiming not to eat anything but an apple.

I will make it to skinny by any means necessary.

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Your metabolisms reaction to treating it right

what a great start, thank fuck I don't have to start the day in a panic, now I know I have what I need to not have to hold onto anything that comes my way, and I can start focusing on functioning properly
alright, thanks a lot, I'm glad I trusted you. Another snack came my way and I was able to continue giving you the best possible energy I can deliver
gee I needed this, I've been working for a while and need to maintain my hard work. Thanks for feeding me, I'll be able to carry on
thank you dear
hell fucking yeah fish and chips how did you know that's exactly the amount of protein and carbs and fat I needed. Oh? You listened to your cravings? Great! we're really close he always knows what I need
I'm getting tired but I'm going to have to keep working whilst you sleep, so you still need to fuel me. Until the morning old chum!